Collection: Incense Holder

What type of incense holder is best for you?

Incense holders are used to burn herbs and floral scents in ritualistic settings, such as temples and health spas.
For example, burning incents creates a calming effect in the air people breathe.
In ancient times, people burned herbs to create fragrant smoke that they used in religious ceremonies.
Today, the burning scent is still used in some cultures to create religious effects.
A Chinese incense holder is handmade of Ceramic or wood.
This type of holder can be shaped into a cylinder or a cone, the inside of the cylinder incense holder holds the aroma securely so that they burn evenly without dispersing all around the censer.
Meanwhile, the cone-shaped holder is used to burn incense at a high altitude to create a strong aroma.
For example, using a higher altitude than the base of the cone produces a more unique intense scent. To achieve these effects, some types of cones have a wick at the top that ignites the herbs.
In addition, another popular Chinese form for an incense holder is an upside-down vase with a lid.
A small hole allows for backflow but maintains the burning fragrance at a lower altitude than the base.


A Japanese incence holder is usually shaped like a dragon.
This type of container was originally used to store water during summertime as part of daily rituals, today, it’s also used in Buddhist ceremonies and other rituals where spiritual cleansing is required.
A Korean incense holder is made of metal or Brass and can be circular or rectangular.
In addition, there are various shapes for each maker and styles of burners.
For example, there are round metal burners for burning long-lasting smoke and square metal holders for burning short-lived smoke.
Typically, this type of modern incense holder holds a waterfall in both horizontal and vertical positions so that it can achieve different decorative effects with sticks placed on top of it.
Although this type of holder requires regular cleaning to maintain its aesthetic appeal, some people leave their holders outside to tarnish naturally over time.
Based on this information, it seems that Chinese clay censers are best for holding cones while Japanese water incense holders are best for spiritual cleansing purposes.
Korean metal cute atomizers are also popular because they’re attractive and easy to use when creating religious effects with fragrant smoke.