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Handmade Matcha Tea Sets (Whisk)

Those Matcha sets are a type of tea bowl specially designed to make traditional Japanese green tea in style.

These bowls come in different sizes and can be made from various materials, including porcelain, earthenware, or even metal.

They are often decorated with floral ornaments and spoons used for stirring the matcha (powdered green tea) into the water.

Handcrafted Matcha Tea Set Bowls offer an exciting way to enjoy your favourite cup of matcha without worrying about damaging delicate teapots or cups.


I always enjoy having a cup of matcha set in the morning or at any time of the day.

When I was in Japan, I bought a set of tea bowls that were beautiful, but I knew that I could make something just as beautiful, or even more beautiful, myself.

We really enjoyed making our own handmade matcha tea set bowl and were very happy with the final product.

They look beautiful and are functional too. I am sure that my friends and family will enjoy drinking matcha from my unique tea set bowls for years to come.

Matcha set how to use?

The Matcha Tea Latte is a popular tea alternative that requires very little additional work.

The perfect replacement for your morning cup of coffee, all you need to make a green tea latte is some matcha powder, some milk, a little water, and something to sweeten it up in Matcha tea cups.

This Japanese brew can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and all of the different options out there have led to many online debates over which method is the best.

Whether you’re trying matcha for the first time or have been familiar with the drink for years, you might not know everything about it.

Read on for more information about matcha tea and if matcha is more effective in hot or cold.

Why are matcha whisks so expensive?

Matcha whisks made in Japan invariably offer better quality as the craftsman’s constant attention to detail shows through in each step — from carefully choosing the ideal piece of bamboo to meticulously cutting and shaping each time to uniform perfection.

A decent quality Chawan matcha bowl is expensive because of the high demand for skilled labour. At a high level -

Matcha whisk sets can be expensive due to the lengthy and unique harvesting process that requires meticulous manual handling and quality assurance.

Discover our Best matcha kit and chawan

 You can find matcha whisks in different shapes and colours (we prefer it when it comes with a matcha whisk holder)