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Gongfu Wooden Tea Tray Set

What is a tea tray used for?

A tea tray is typically used to serve tea and other drinks.

The Gong Fu Tea tray is used for brewing tea in the traditional Chinese
Gong Fu style. The tray is an important ingredient in gong fu brewing
because of the wet and messy nature of the process.

Cups and other items used in the gong fu ceremony are rinsed, often more than once, in hot
water or tea during the course of a gong fu tea service.

The tray provides a platform for the tea service and the hidden drawer in the
tray catches and holds all of the overflow water.

Whether it is for ceremony or for the ordinary daily enjoyment of drinking tea, a tea tray is an incredibly simple and practical kitchen gadget. Why?

Because they catch water.

It is a simple and yet very helpful resource because tea usually involves pouring lots of water.

In modern Chinese gongfu (basically translates as “skill with tea”), water is used with great abundance, from warming your tea ware and rinsing your leaves to steeping your loose leaf tea multiple times.

But nowadays you do not have to travel to China to enjoy these practical tea inventions.

Nor do you have to be a Buddhist gongfu master to make tea beautifully.

You, ordinary you, can brew your loose leaf tea set for adults at home with simplicity, beauty, and skill.

How do you use a bamboo tea tray?

Learn about the benefits of using a bamboo tea tray.

Drinking tea can be very beneficial to our health. It has medicinal properties and antioxidants, which keep the body healthy.

For serving the tea, there are different kinds of trays available in the market made from plastic to metals. Therefore, many people become confused about which tray to buy.

The one made from bamboo can be the right choice for serving your tea. In this article, we describe the benefits of using bamboo tea tray over the ones made from other materials.

Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the last.

Bamboo products are not only comfortable, but they are beautiful too. It will provide a unique look to your kitchen.

Bamboo trays are a great way to give a natural touch to your kitchen. It helps you to drink the tea traditionally.

It has a smooth finish on its surface, making it more functional. You can also gift it on any special occasion to your close ones.

Explain how to use a bamboo tea tray.

Care and instructions for using your tray at home:

When you order yourself a tea tray, especially one of the bamboo box kind, you will have the arduous job of maintaining it.

But the good news is that all this means is that you will need to keep using it!

Now that we have no costumers coming into the shop drinking tea every day John and Danya are wetting them down so they don’t crack and leak.

So make sure you keep pouring water over your trays and drink lots of tea, wherever you are.

I have served tea on planes, on construction sites, and next to a river or at my dining room table besides our unique tea containers.

Each time I bring my trusty little tea tray along.

Bamboo is water, stain as well as heat-resistant substance. It means that you can comfortably serve the warm tea in it without feeling the hotness on your hands.

It makes the bamboo tray easy to use. Moreover, it is stain resistant. Hence, you will not require too much effort to clean it efficiently.

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what are chinese tea tray set made from ?

Chinese tea tray set are made from porcelain, wood or bamboo.

Our tea trays is normally made of bamboo or wood, and sometimes ceramic, purple-clay, stone and jade.

You can simply rinse the inside of the tray and set aside to dry after use.

This tea serving tray also provide an elegant platform to display your tea set when in use.

They are perfect for afternoon tea and make it easier to serve tea.

Get it! It will draws all eyes to your tea set. The double-layered tea tray has limited capacity to hold the waste water and should be cleaned timely to avoid overflow.

In Europe, fine porcelain tea cups made of porcelain (Limoges porcelain from a kaolin base heated in ovens or China porcelain) were a delicacy for enjoying tea time.

The cups are made with a handle and are paired with a saucer in a set, they feature hand painted decoration and gold or silver patterns especially lining the rim and the handle.

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