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japanese teaware

Complete your Japanese tea experience with a selection of authentic Japanese teaware.

Through centuries of green tea consumption, the shapes and sizes of Japanese teapots and teacups have evolved to help bring out characteristics of specific green tea varieties.

Sazen Tea's range of Japanese teaware is handmade by potters and artisan manufacturers across Japan, who use quality traditional materials such as clay, porcelain and bamboo.

Thin porcelain or glass teaware works best with green and yellow tea.

Green tea is fresh and delicate. It's best to highlight these notes with quick brews.

It's also helpful to make sure the teapot has a quick pouring spout, which will lessen the chances of it over-brewing.

What is Chinese Teaware ?

Chinese ceramics, calligraphy, seal carving, and painting are all very sophisticated art forms.

Yixing teaware provides a medium that condenses all these arts into pieces that capture aspects of all of them - focused so inspiringly into beautiful and functional pieces.

Tea itself, its production and appreciation, could also be on that list of sophisticated Chinese arts, and it's therefore no surprise that Yixing teaware has enjoyed such intimacy and status in Chinese tea culture.

This age-old marriage between tea art and chinese teaware reciprocally encourages the refinement and elevation of both.

Teaware Set

Teaware set are used for various purposes, such as drinking tea, sake, or coffee.

While tea holds a special place in a tea drinker's heart, the teaware is nowhere short of this love and attention.

When cleaning teaware such as a delicate porcelain teapot, it is important to use only fresh hot water and limit the disposal of chemicals and industrial cleaners. While cleaning;

Teaware is a broad international spectrum of equipment used in the brewing and consumption of tea.

Many components make up that spectrum, and vary greatly based upon the type of tea being prepared, and the cultural setting in which it is being prepared.

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