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 Tea Sugar Canisters & Coffee Containers

Chinese and Japanese coffee storage containers are different in many ways, but they both have the same purpose: to store coffee.


Chinese airtight coffee boxes are made out of porcelain or pottery, while Japanese tea storage containers are usually made from wood or metal.  

The shape and size of a Chinese tea storage container are often specific to the type of tea it holds (such as a Dragon Well teapot), whereas the shape and size of a Japanese container are more general (for example, most mugs).

Coffees in China and Japan have noticeably different ceramic coffee canisters.

In China, coffee is typically stored in green, white, or brown paper bags.

The white bag is the most common type, and it is usually stored in a refrigerator. Brown paper bags are used for tea, and green bag is used for coffee.

In Japan, coffee is stored in clear or black PET sugar and coffee containers.

These containers are sold at coffee shops, grocery stores, and other markets.

The most common type of Large tea container in Japan is the white PET coffee storage. There are a few reasons why different rice containers are used in China and Japan.

In China, the white bag is the most common type because it is the most environmentally friendly.

The white bag does not contain any ink or chemicals, and it can be recycled. The brown paper bag is used in China for tea because it is more sanitary than the white bag.

The brown paper bag is also less likely to leak coffee.

The Japanese PET coffee receptacle is used because it is easier to store and less expensive than the other types of coffee tin.

The different tea containers used in China and Japan are a reflection of the two countries' cultural values.

China is more environmentally-friendly, and Japan is more sanitary. 

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