Collection: Unique Vases

Enhance your decor with our stylish Unique floor vases for tables or handcrafted pieces of pottery to make your home look Unique.


A handmade ceramic vase is a wonderful gift for any occasion.

It takes time to create a handmade ceramic flower holder and the effort shows in the final product. You can create a handmade ceramic vase to match your loved one or paint it to match their favorite colors.


Choosing a design for your handmade colorful ceramic vintage vase is a personal choice and can add style to any living space. 

It is an affordable way to show how much you care for them.

You can choose the design of your handmade ceramic centerpiece based on the interests of the person you are gifting it to.


A landscape design is ideal for someone who loves nature or would like to take a trip while admiring their view.

A floral design would be perfect for someone who enjoys roses or other flowering plants in their garden.


An abstract design would work well with modern decor and could fit in with what’s popular at the moment. Your loved one will appreciate having something custom-made just for them and showing that you care enough to do so speaks volumes about their character.

You can also customize a handmade flower holder by changing the color scheme and adding custom monogramming.


Customizing your gift makes it more personal by reflecting your loved one’s interests and personality traits.

The recipient of your customized gift will love being able to fill it with fresh flowers daily without it looking dull or sad.

You could also paint a handmade centerpiece to match your loved one’s favorite colors or choose something neutral so they can change the color scheme as they see fit.

The possibilities are endless when designing a gift like this, so let your creativity run wild! A handmade ceramic flower holder is an excellent gift that can last years without needing maintenance from its owner.


The effort you put into creating this gift shows how much you care about the person you are gifting it to and proves that they deserve nothing but the best from you ever since you met them years ago— remember?

This special gift will make them feel loved, valued, and appreciated every time they look at their personalized piece of artistry in their living space!