Redesigning the assassin's teapot

The assassins teapot honors the art of leisurely coffee brewing with tea.

Chinese trick teapot
The assassin's teapot is a low-tech countertop appliance for throwing a great tea party, but it's also a designed object that sits on your counter like a piece of kitchen sculpture.
LiangXin Teapot
Original Story: It's a wine container used by Chinese lords in ancient times for drinking and merrymaking; they're interested in deceiving others with this tool during feasts; perhaps that's why someone drinks better than you:)
Assassin's Tool: There's also a rumor about this "LiangXin Teapot," which is said to be one of assassins' favorite tools for assassinating their targets. By using this teapot, they can easily mix regular beverages and poison together, and this caused most of the injustices among nobles, trick or treat.
People may be unsure of the figure of this teapot, and who is this old man?
He is one of the Chinese mythology's Eight Immortals, and he represents the God of Longevity. People believe he can bring them health and money.
A 'pledge' is nothing more than a pre-order.
You may reserve a pre-order for restoring the assassin's teapot by simply backing the project.
If you'd like multiples, simply double your pledge by the desired quantity, and we'll take care of the logistics.
Following the campaign, we will use a survey service to let you choose your ceramic base and any other Manual accessories.

The manufacturing process has already begun.
I've spent the last few months sampling the design, iterating designs, creating packaging, and lining up the supply chain with my long-term manufacturing partners. So that I can deliver as soon as possible, I started the production process ahead of the Kickstarter campaign.
-Hamoudi, Founder of Acacuss
May- Kickstarter campaign launches, pre-manufacturing begins
 June - Kickstarter ends, manufacturing continues
 December - Manufacturing wraps up, the product is packed and readied for freight
 January - Shipment is on the ocean, arrival in US warehouse
 February - Fulfillment target
It's always exciting to return to Kickstarter with a new design. This community is genuinely unique: it got me started making things on my own, helped me scale my studio, and provided a platform for me to discover an audience who enjoys what I do. Thank you to all of the Manual supporters who continue to support us in bringing our ideas to life; we are sincerely grateful for your continuous support. Finally, in this day of short attention spans, thank you for reading this far. Take it easy.
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