what are tea pets used for?

Tea pets are used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, stress relief, and learning.

At last, tea pets also serve the purpose of decorating one’s home or tea space. Some people don’t even know they own a ‘tea pet’.

They may simply buy such figurines as an ornament to decorate one’s home. Or they may have inherited it from their parents or grandparents, and simply keep the figures in memory of them.

Tea enthusiasts who know about glazed tea pets, do not only use them during their tea sessions. They may also place them in their ‘tea corner’, tea space, or tea cabinet for decoration purposes.

Simply staring at them when one enters your tea space can result in a feeling of enjoyment.

This is why they really worthy to own to many tea lovers.

We’ve written this guide to be as comprehensive as possible. We hope this article answers the questions you previously had about tea pets.

If you believe there are other purposes for tea pets, or if tea pets have some special personal meaning to you.

Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Although not limited to animals, tea pets are small clay figures used during gong fu cha for various purposes.

Although tea masters mostly use them as decoration, some also have them for good luck. Some of these "pets" can even test water for the right temperature!

Ceramic Tea pets are fun and cute. In Chinese culture, they have a meaning, an honor, and a place in the Chinese tea culture.

Some tea pets will make us think, while others will make us smile. Our personalities as well as our teas will rub off on the tea pet as they grow to be an important part of our tea ceremony.

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Tea pets are a real thing.

I asked myself this question a few years ago when I first came across tea pets online.

The idea of it sounded silly to me at first. A pet for tea?

The name can’t be that literal. Honestly, when I first read about tea pets a part of me did think maybe I’m reading the word wrong or it was a typo for the word tea pot.

But, one day Nicole of Tea For Me Please shared a photo of her tea pet and I found myself looking them up all over again.

When I learned that tea pets (not tea pots!) were a real thing I became intrigued and sought out to find one for myself at the first Toronto Tea Festival I attended.

 tea pets for sale

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