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Assassin's Teapot Chinese Trick Teapot

Assassin's Teapot Chinese Trick Teapot

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- Origin: assassin teapot is known as "Cadogan" and was copied from a Chinese porcelain wine pot in the collection of the Earl of Cadogan.


This cool two-chamber trick is known as "Cadogan" and it was copied from a Chinese porcelain wine pot in the collection of the Earl of Cadogan.

It was filled upside down through a tube running from the base into the upper part of the interior so that it could be turned the right way up and no liquid would escape.

This pot has also been called a coffee pot but it is generally thought that they were probably used for hot water in the tea or coffee-making process as they would have been difficult to clean if filled with a colored liquid.


how does the cool assassins tool work for liquid?

The pot has a hole in the base with a tube running from it to near the inside top; thus it can be filled through the bottom and then turned the right way up without spilling. Those of you old enough to remember are a bit like an inverted non-spill inkwell with a spout and handle added. Chinese trick pot


where can i buy an assassins teapot

Please watch the video for instructions about how to use this special teapot


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Assassins teapot

Superb gift for my husband. Exceptionally well packaged. Excellent service!

Delphine h.

I'll buy it again without hesitation. thank you

rayene h.

Well packed, thank you

alex t.

love it.

nihad j.


Assassin's Teapot Origin

when was the double chamber pot invented?

All this teapot talk reminds me of a short story by Roald Dahl. The wife murders her husband. The local bill is friendly with the wife, sniffs around the house talking about the need to find a murder weapon for any hope of resolving the matter.

Is Assassin's teapot real?

Meanwhile the wife insists the cop stop to enjoy her lovely leg of mutton, cooking in the oven. Guess who just consumed the murder weapon.

What is the story of the assassins trick?

It’s pretty ingenious. Rather than relying on high-end technology, the ancient Chinese used natural phenomena to get their poisonous teapot to work.

The assassins teapot would deceive your enemies by showing them you’re drinking from the same vessel when in reality, you’re drinking from another container altogether!

Was the assassin pot ever used?

Nothing new, it’s essentially a repurposed teapot. I looked up patents, and found stuff in barely a few minutes.

There are quite a few documents that disclose pots with a mechanism with the selective combination of ingredients (tea or coffee in the main tank, milk in the auxiliary tank) at serving:

Years ago i saw the British magician Paul Daniels do a trick with a teapot (or similar looking kettle) where he was able to pour out dozens of different liquids, one after another at the audience's request.

It must be 30n years ago and I've always wondered how he did it, it's a brilliant trick.

Never mind the variety, he poured out much more than it could have held and did it at finger tip length.

What are the possible purposes of a fake counterloop?

Every space incorporates a hidden hole somewhere close to the pot handle.
To pour a selected drink, you want to leave the opening related to the chamber uncovered.
If you wish to poison your enemy, you ought to place your finger on the spot with a non-poisoned drink, and if you wish to pour yourself, you ought to place your finger on the opening with a poisoned drink. did you grasp all

Why is it called Assassin's teapot?

By the use of this two chamber teapot
This minimizes the expanse expanse liquid and prevents it from spilling out of the spout.
Meanwhile, covering the opening together with your finger permits gas pressure to carry the liquid in situ.

Assassin design could be a trick teapot! it isn't a really attention-grabbing trick once you are on the receiving finish.

Chinese Creation contains two separate interior compartments, one traditionally used for tea and also the alternative you'll be able to fill with holes prevents liquid, oh, i do not recognize to mention...poison!