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Matcha starter kit

Matcha starter kit

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Sustainable Handmade

Our materials are ethically sourced,under environmental
guidelines and practices.
There is no use of plastic-based materials such as acrylic. Ceramic, Bamboo, and Stainless steel are all sustainable, renewable materials that pass our sustainability check!

Function: It plays a role in assisting the matcha to dissolve and foam; the suit can meet the basic needs of the matcha tea ceremony and is easy to use.

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Matcha starter kit Ceramic Matcha Set with Bamboo Whisk Tea Set

Material: The tea table/teaspoon is all made from raw bamboo; the tea bowl/tea table/matcha teapot/teaspoon holder is made of clay.

Raise YOUR MATCHA TEA EXPERIENCE Whisk up a tasty cup of foamy, smooth matcha with our Delica Teas Matcha Tea set and partake in the valid stately Matcha tea experience.


The HANDCRAFTED PRONGED WHISK (Chasen) produces the best crema and foam, complete with a matching whisk holder.

The customary BAMBOO SCOOP (Chashaku) measures the ideal measure of powder. What's more, the HANDMADE CERAMIC BOWL (Chawan) is for uniting everything! MATCHA TEA AT ITS FINEST! Taste the distinction! Ordinary metal whisks leave you with severe-tasting tea.

Lower-quality bamboo whisks can crumble and break rapidly.

You can believe that our DELICA TEAS hand-cut bamboo whisk gives a more charming whisking interaction and better, more tasty tea. Our pronged whisk is designed to make an ideal tumult and it's created in the ideal shape to adequately speed up a foamy cup of tea.


Credible JAPANESE GIFT IDEA: Any tea sweetheart will be blown away by the quality and plan of this staggering set.


For specialists and amateurs the same, this is the ideal complete assortment to venture into the universe of Japanese tea. Intrigue your friends and family with the quality and plan of this set, and gift them the harmony and reflective act of conventional tea function. 100% NATURAL and FOOD-SAFE: The whole set is developed of all regular bamboo.


No puzzling stains or different synthetics were utilized in this item. It is produced using 100% bamboo with a vegetable oil finish to upgrade its strength. Solid AND SUSTAINABLE; The top-notch regular materials make our set tough and strong. Its materials are safely stuffed for safe voyages.


The bowl and whisk holder are dishwashers safe, and the bamboo scoop and whisk may basically be washed under warm water later use.


This unit makes day-by-day matcha the feature of your day. 🍵 Incorporates bowl, matcha whisk, matcha scoop, and matcha whisk stand. Plate excluded. Material: Pottery and bamboo


Make: Handmade Size: Matcha bowls:11x6cm 230ml Bamboo whisk:7x7.5cm Chasen holder:5.1x7.1cm made for tea/dark tea/fragrant tea/Oolong/puer/juice preparing and suggested family tea or every day proficient use.

Highlights: Easy to utilize and advantageous. Family use, travel, and gift choices.

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